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You can see tournaments in action by visiting and entering 'English Shuffleboard' or 'Friends of St.Nicholas Shuffleboard Tournament' in the search box. The 'English Shuffleboard' video was a submission to 'Dragons Den on-line'. The offer made in the video is available to any entrepreneur, patron, sponsor or wellwisher supporting a bonafide charity or business. Telephone 01273 564375 for further information.
Shuffleboards For Sale
We have three types of shuffleboard in stock. They are the Heemskerk Tournament HS30 Family Shuffleboard (125) The Heemskerk HS40 Tournament Board (155) and the Heemskerk Tournament HS40F Folding Shuffleboard (165).Delivery charge per board is 15 (England & Wales mainland) or collect by arrangement Tel. 01273 564375. Other UK locations and International delivery can be arranged, price on request. The game of shuffleboard is known under a variety of names inc
How To Play The Game
Easy to play. No complicated rules. Great fun. You slide discs along a narrow board and knock them through gaps to score points. Complete a set, a disc through each gap and you double your score! A game is made up of 3 rounds. In the first round use all 30 discs. In rounds two and three use the discs not in the scoring area. Add up your score at the end of the game. Individual or team game. You can play standing up or sitting down.
There are four compartments scoring 2,3,4 and 1 points (See the dots above the gaps).These add up to 10 points however when you manage to complete a set* (*a disc in each compartment) you double your score to 20 points. Discs not in sets at the end of the game score the value of their compartment.
Adding Up
You add up at the end of the game. First count the number of sets (20 points for each) then count the value of the discs not in sets. Discs not in sets score the value of their compartment (ie. 2,3,4 or 1). EXAMPLE 3 sets = 60 points, 5 extra discs in No.2 = 10 points, 3 extra discs in No.3 = 9 points, 2 extra discs in No.1 = 2 points. The game total is 60+10+9+2 = 81 points.
Shuffleboard Tournaments
The most popular form of shuffleboard played in the UK is the team tournament. When players arrive at an event they are organised into teams of three players. They decide on a team name and collect a scorecard. The tournament director gives a brief introduction to the game,how the event works and the tournament starts.To view the slide show go to Click Here To Enlarge Image then click on Slide Show.Great fun, the team tournament is an enjoyable social event.
Tournament Scorecard
Shuffleboard 'Team' Tournament Scorecard - click to enlarge photograph then go to 'slide show'.
Shuffleboard Scorers
At tournaments each shuffleboard has a scorer.Teams are coded 'A', 'B' and 'C'. When 'A' teams are playing any member of a 'B' or 'C' team can act as a scorer on any table. In other words, members of non-playing teams always act as table scorers. The table scorer is in overall charge of the game and their decision on 'fouls' and 'scoring discs' is final. At the end of a game they add up the score and write it on the playing teams scorecard.
Hosting A Tournament
Shuffleboard Tournaments are great fun. You handle the local arrangements. We provide the shuffleboards, scorecards and run the tournament. Contact us for further information, including details of free shuffleboard hire. Telephone 01273 564375
Free Hire
Clubs, Business Organisations and Charities prepared to host a shuffleboard tournament with our assistance qualify for free shuffleboard hire. We will provide free of charge the required number of shuffleboards and team scorecards for your event. We only ask that you cover our travel and time costs which usually works out at 1.50 per player subject to a minimum charge related to distance travelled.Telephone 01273 564375 for further information.
Tournament Franchise
Our shuffleboard tournament 'formula' has been thoroughly tested and works superbly.If you are keen to develop shuffleboard in your locality or region we can supply you with everything required to run successful shuffleboard events. We also provide training by working alongside you at your first event. For further information telephone 01273 564375.
Further Information
Further information is available on a wide variety of shuffleboard applications eg. shuffleboard tournaments, training events, shuffleboard franchise etc. Telephone 01273 564375 or e-mail with your enquiry.
2012 Jan/March Tournament Results - Top Team
20th January: Fairoak Bowls Club 'One Plus Two' 21st January: West Worthing Probus 'Fransecans' 26th January: St Mary's Ladies Circle 'The Hopefulls' 4th February: Burpham Village Hall: 'Snow Angels' 11th February: Ashtead Bowling Club: 'Woodfields' 24th February: Horsham Sports Centre: 'GLS' 25th February: Byfleet Men's Group: 'Anonymous' 3rd March: Littlehampton Squash Club: 'Shifty Shufflers' 10th March: Loxheath Sports & Social
2012 April/June Tournament Results - Top Team
14th April: Kingsway Bowling Club: 'Wish Parkers' 18th April: Loxwood Bowling Club: 'The Misfits' 20th April: Woodlands Centre: 'Ghost Riders' 23rd May: St Andrews Church, Ferring: 'The Young Ones' 25th May: Storrington Priory: 'Bees Knees' 1st June: Ferring Village Hall: 'The Shuffle Bards' 9th June: Southwick Methodist Church: 'Twins Plus One' 27th June: Pavilion Bowling Club: 'Could Do Better' 30th June: North End Bowling Club: <
2012 July/September Tournament Results - Top Team
1st July: Coombes Farm Barn 'Repbrobates' 10th August: Ferring Village Hall 'Crookey' 11th August: Bedhampton Social Club 'The Golden Arches' 18th September: St Mary's Church, Broadwater Blues
2012 October/December Tournament Results - Top Team
3rd October: Sullington Windmills W.I. Top Team The Ryder Cup 6th October: Purbrook Heath Bowling Club, Top Team Scatterbrains 13th October: Ewhurst Bowling Club, Top Team Double Act Plus One 15th October: Pagham Bowls Club,Top Team Bright Sparks 19th October: Ferring Village Hall,Top Team Cops & Robbers 20th October: Loxheath Sports & Social Club, Top Team Louis,Flin & The Snowdogs 27th October: North End Bowling Club,Portsmouth, Top Team The S
Tournaments 2018
no photo
Jan.6th: West Worthing Probus, St.Mary's, GoringTop Team: Les Whizz Kids Jan.20th: Ashtead Bowling Club, SurreyTop0 Team: Bagatelles Jan.27th: L'hampton Badminton & Squash ClubTop Team: Spring Chickens Feb.2nd: D.O.S.H. Rustington Feb.3rd: Burpham Village HallTop Team: Merlin's Magicians Feb.21st: The Good Companions, Newdigate Village Hall Top Team: The Losers Feb.24th: South Foreland Rotary, St.Margarets-on-CliffeTop Team: Westy's Wonders Mar.2
Tournaments 2013
Jan 26 - Burpham Village Hall Top Team - The Crickets Jan 31 - West Ewell Ladies Group Top Team - The Long & Short Of It Feb 01 - Rustington Memorial Hall Top Team - The Tax Dodgers Feb 02 - St Margaret's Village Hall(Dover) Top Team - Kingsdown Devils Feb 09 - St Nicholas Church, Cranleigh Top Team - Seagulls Feb 22 - L'hampton Badminton & Squash Club Top Team - The Willows Feb 23 - Probus, Goring Top Team - B C & L Mar 02 - BPG Henfi
Tournaments 2014
11th January: West Worthing Probus Club, Goring.Top Team: Round Holes 18th January: Ashtead Bowling Club, Surrey.Top Team: Arthurs Crown 25th January: L'hampton Squash & Badminton Club.Top Team: Andrew's Atoms 8th February: Burpham Village Hall, West Sussex.Top Team: The Crickets 13th Feb. St. Lawrence Church Hall, Effingham (The Villagers).Top Team - The Busters 21st Feb. D.O.S.H. Rustington.Top Team: T.B.A. 1st March: Worthing Indoor Bowls Clu
Tournaments 2015
10th Jan. Probus, Goring Top Team: The Hopefuls 24th Jan. L'hampton Badminton & Squash Club Top Team: The Vulcans 10th Feb. Mole Valley W.I., Fetcham Village Hall Top Player: Beryl Havers 12th Feb. The Cameo Group, Southwick Methodist Church Hall Top Team: Kan Kan 13th Feb. Dreams of Social Happiness, Rustington Top Team: Autumn Leaves 14th Feb. St. Mary's Social & Fundraising Group, Felpham Top Team: The Polos 21st Feb. Burpham Village Hall
Tournaments 2016
9th Jan. West Worthing Probus Top Team: The Idiots 6th Feb. Littlehampton Badminton & Squash ClubTop Team: Sharks 13th Feb. Burpham & Wepham Shuffleboard Tournament Top Team: Team Dolly 19th Feb. Dreams of Social Happiness Cardiac Group Top Team: Sleepy Heads 20th Feb. Ashtead Bowling Club Top Team: The Hux 26th Feb. Fairoak Bowling ClubTop Team: Just Us 27th Feb. Rotary Club of South ForelandTop Team: Tie for 1st place: Byron's Angels & The
Tournaments 2017
no photo
1st Jan. Porchway House, Worthing Top Team: New Year Angels 7th Jan. West Worthing Probus The Four Candles 28th Jan. L'hampton Badminton & Squash Club Top Team: Why & Why Not 18th Feb. Sompting Short Mat Bowling Club, Durrington Community Centre Top Team: Us Girls 24th Feb. DOSH, Rustington Top Team: Odd Bods 25th Feb. Burpham Village Hall Top Team: No Sodding Idea 3rd March Fairoak Bowling Club, Hamps. Top Team: P.B.R. 4th March St
Tournaments 2019
no photo
7th June: Hill Barn Golf Club Top Team: Woodchuckers 10th June: East Preston Festival Top Team: Hopkinators 24th Aug: Steyning Bowls ClubTop Team: Ever Hopefull 30th Aug: Worthing Indoor Bowls ClubTop Team: Left, Right & Centre 20th Sept: Lockswood Bowling ClubTop Team: Me & The Girls 21st Sept: L'hampton Badminton & Squash ClubTop Team: What A Kershuffle 28th Sept: Hill Barn Golf ClubTop Team: The No Ideas 5th Oct: U3A Fetcham (Great Bo
Tournaments 2020
no photo
Jan.11th: Friends of St.Nicholas Church, Old Shoreham Top Team - Hotshots Jan.15th: L'hampton Croquet Club, Clymping Village Hall Top Team - Odd One Out Jan.18th: Ferring Amateur Dramatic SocietyTop Team: 'The Woodies' Jan.25th: Pilgrim's Hatch Baptist Church, BrentwoodTop Team:Get Shuffled Jan.31st: Worthing Indoor Bowling ClubTop Team: "deja vu" Feb.1st: Burpham & Wepham Village HallTop Team: Young Ones Plus One Feb.19th: L'hampton Croquet Club<


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